Teaching Philosophy

Students at Babsongs Studio can expect to receive a comprehensive music training experience. I believe that a well-rounded approach to music study prepares students more fully for opportunities in which they may utilize their acquired skills. Therefore, I teach technique in three distinct manners: students will experience traditional classical training, contemporary chart reading, and ear training. The combination of these provides a holistic understanding of music fundamentals. Additionally, students will go a step deeper with their training as they are encouraged and coached to uncover the “expression” of the music they study. I want to encourage the artist in each student to be proud of their workmanship and creative abilities.

Various musical genres will be used during studies at Babsongs Studio including classical, folk, musical theatre, religious, jazz, etc. Students may also be given the chance to work on personal compositions. The variety of literature will be showcased throughout the year at three concerts (spring, fall, winter). These events provide a fabulous forum for students to explore what they are learning and develop greater self-esteem as they overcome performance anxieties.

People often ask how much practice time is required or suggested. Obviously, the more a student puts in to their studies, the more they will get out. While discipline is not always fun, I strongly believe that its benefits are well worth the effort. Daily rehearsal is most effective for developing strong muscle memory, technique, precision, memorization, and personal style. However, practice should not become a regular drudgery! I encourage each student to develop an effective routine that helps achieve personal goals and enhance God-given talents.

By providing a positive atmosphere and a varied technical approach, I believe you will experience great success, both personally and musically. I am glad that you have chosen Babsongs Studio as you pursue the fulfillment of the gift of music. Welcome to the journey! I look forward to sharing it with you.