5-Note Scales

Learning the pattern of whole steps and half steps that make 5-note scales is a great introduction to the beginning of each major scale. Practicing the 5-note patterns utilizes each finger and increases coordination.

Download 5-Note Scales PDF

Major Scales – Group 1

Group 1 scales share the same fingering. Practicing scales can help develop agility and flexibility and aid in the development of muscle memory for each key signature. Beginning students may practice 1-octave scales, but 2-octaves are encouraged.

Download Major Scales PDF

C Major Triads

Harmonies are produced in music by combining tones. Songs are written by combining various chords into progressions. Within the key of a song, the triads have a relative function dependent upon the scale degree on which they are built.

Download C Scale & Triads PDF

Chord Theory

The variety of chords within a key offer special flavor to individual songs. However, the major chords (I, IV, and V) are known as the “primary chords” because they serve as the foundation for most songs.

Download Chord Theory PDF

Circle of Fifths

The relationship between keys can be explained using the Circle of Fifths. This visual tool can help in identifying relative major and minor keys, order of sharps and flats, and key signatures.

Download Circle of Fifths PDF

Blank Staff Paper

The grand staff (bass and treble clefs) with a 4/4 time signature for music notation.

Download Blank Piano Staff Word Document